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Welcome to Canada Green Card


Who is Canada Green Card


Canada Green Card is the official immigration financial assistance program. We help those who wish to immigrate to Quebec and all other provinces and territories across Canada.

Canada Green Card was created just a few years ago by immigrants for immigrants. Canada Green Card is currently operated, in majority, by immigrants and children of immigrants who understand the challenges and difficulties that are faced when it comes to immigration.

Our ancestors gambled their lives immigrating to this beautiful nation we call Canada. Most of which, who arrived by boat, didn't have the privilege of speaking the language and barely had any money. Not to mention the lack of a descent place to live. Despite all the obstacles, they persisted. They came here for us. A generation later, a new vision arises - Canada Green Card  is founded. Canada Green Card is not only willing but also wanting to contribute back and give you the same opportunity that we have been so lucky to have. At Canada Green Card, we have a true vision, with the help of our sponsors, we would one day like to select up to five winners a day. At Canada Green Card, we believe that dreams do come true. We will never stop dreaming and neither should you!

Thanks to Canada Green Card’s sponsors, Canada Green Card has been helping people all over the world immigrate to Canada for over three years. We continue to grow year after year. Canada Green Card is continuously in search of new sponsors that have the same vision as Canada Green Card. Sponsors that will assist us in assisting you. 

Canada Green Card Mandate,

Canada Green Card is committed to:

  • Helping Canada with the significant labour market shortage.
  • Helping potential and qualified immigrants with limited financial resources to have a chance in immigrating to Canada, the true destination of choice for immigrants worldwide.
  • Helping new comers successfully integrate into the Canadian economy and society.

Canada Green Card is sponsored by Canadian corporations, non profitable organizations, Canadian business associations, recognized organizations, professional associations, international organizations, and Canadian immigration firms to help qualified skilled workers in an effort to help them immigrate to Canada via Canada Green Card’s program for free.

For more detailed information and procedures to participate in Canada Green Card’s program click here.


For any inquiries, you can communicate with us by telephone or by email at A Canada Green Card / Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance representative will gladly respond to you as soon as possible. 

Canada Green Card / Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance Program.

Canada Green Card

3347 boul des Sources
Suite 38097 Montreal
Québec H9B 1Z0

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