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Become a participant in two simple steps

Step 1: Canada Immigration Financial Assistance Online Application and Picture upload.


  • Fill out our online application form. When doing so be sure to note down your reference number. This number will be provided to you once your application is completed. This number will be your file identification number. Furthermore you will need this number in order to proceed to the following step.


Once the online application form is completed and you have received your username and password, you must login to your profile and upload your picture. Please refer to the picture specifications prior to uploading your photo in order to complete your file with the Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance.



Step 2: Canada Green Card Payment and Payment reporting.


  • Once the online application is complete, to be eligible for the financing, you must have your official assessment evaluation completed, proving that you are an eligible candidate for the daily draw to immigrate to Canada. Canada Green Card will evaluate your file. The Canada Green Card will review your assessment to ensure your status and eligibility are legitimate. For this service, Canada Green Card will charge you a one time service fee of $250 CAD payable to Canada Green Card.


  • Once your payment to the Canada Green Card has been completed, it is important to report it to the Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance department. Reporting it to us will insure that you become an active Green Card member. You must do so by proceeding to the payment reporting page.




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