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All our consultants are licensed members of the Canadian Society of Immigration consultants (CSIC).

Our certified consultants offer the most professional services and more than ready to assist all candidates in their endeavors.

Participation in the financial program is FREE, but Canada Green Card charges a fee for its consulting services.
Our program is not a lottery, it is a financial assistance program.
The payment for consultancy fee is non-refundable. You will not be able to claim a refund for the fees paid for the evaluation of your application.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information collected in this website only to evaluate and process your application. We do not forward, sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.

We understand that applying for the Financial Assistance program using our services involves a great deal of trust on your part; we take this trust very seriously, and make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personally identifiable information you provide us.

We only collect information needed for immigration purposes that you voluntarily provide to us. We use this information for the purpose of responding to and fulfilling your request for our services.

I agree to pay Canada Green Card for professional fees related to the evaluation of my immigration preliminary application.

I acknowledge that all the information given to Canada Green Card is true. I am responsible for any wrong information submitted to Canada Green Card.

I understand that I have to satisfy the Canadian Immigration officer during the interview (if applicable). After winning, Canada Green Card will prepare and process your immigration file free of charge. Canada Green Card will hire a certified immigration consultant SICC member to process your file, and pay all the costs including the government processing fees.

I understand that I cannot claim a refund for consultancy fees, paid for the evaluation of my application.


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