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Green Card Program

The Canada Green Card Membership Program:

We use the “Green Card” term figuratively, in Canada we do not actually use or emit Green Cards. At Canada Green Card, we use this term mostly in comparison to our southern neighbors, the United States of America.

Active CIFA Canada Green Card Member description:

Any participant that has completed the online application and has processed their membership payment. Thus entitling them in the participation of the daily draw and the financial assistance, once selected.

 The Canada Green Card program is designed to provide financial aids for assisting their members with their efforts to immigrat and relocate to Canada.

The CIFA Canada Green Card Membership program objectives:


Canada Green Card is willing to make your dreams become reality.

Become a CIFA Canada Green Card Member today.



1- Become a CIFA Canada Green Card member.

In order to participate, the first step is to fill out the online Canada Green Card Membership application form. In this form, we requests personal, educational and technical information which will allow CIFA Canada Green Card to provide an appropriate assessment evaluation and to efficiently provide its services. The assessment is used as a proof of eligibility for immigration into Canada.

The Canada Green Card eligibility evaluation follows the standards required by the Canadian Immigration authority. The eligibility evaluation is based on the following criterias:


   a) Age
   b) Education
   c) Language Ability
   d) Adaptability
   e) Work Experience


CIFA Canada Green Card will perform an assessment evaluation and provide you with information on how to qualify for the Canada Green Card Immigration Program.


2- Submit your passport picture.


You can submit your photo online from your profile or you can email it to


The Photo Format: Both, monochrome and colour photos are accepted.Photos must be in original format. Duplications in any sort are not accepted.

Original digital photos can be submitted via our online application form.

The photo must be taken against a plain, uniform white or light coloured background.

The face must be centred. With a neutral expression and no smile.

A full front view of the subject's head and shoulders is required.

Tinted prescription glasses may be worn as long as the eyes are clearly visible.

False hairpieces or other cosmetic devices are acceptable if they do not disguise the natural appearance of the bearer and are worn habitually.

A photo in which the applicant is wearing a hat or head covering (unless for religious reasons) or anything that interferes with the photo's value in providing a means of identifying the issue is not acceptable.


3- Enroll in The financial aide program by activating your account.

In order to activate your CIFA Canada Green Card membership, a payment of $250 CAD is payable to the Canada Green Card program. Several payment options are available.



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