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Telephone Services Providers in Canada

Land Line providers

Bell Canada






Rogers Telecom


Mobile phone providers

Rogers Wireless

Fido Solutions

Bell Mobility

Telus Mobility

SaskTel Mobility

MTS Mobility

ICE Wireless

Télébec Mobilité

DMTS Mobility



Mobile Virtual Network providers

Virgin Mobile

Solo Mobile

Petro-Canada Mobility

PC Mobile

7-Eleven Wireless





In Canada telecommunication is simple, as you can see a wide variety of telecommunication services providers such as Bell Canada, Rogers Wireless and Fido are willing to offer you, conventional land lines, mobile phones line and also the newest trend VOIP lines.


All communications in Canada are regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, in short CRTC. The CRTC regulates pricing for all Canadian telecommunications companies and prevents certain mergers that would permit companies to monopolize the Canadian market.


This organization ensure that variety, competition and services at a fair market value, are always available to Canadian citizens. It also enforces the technological advancement in the field.


For a complete list of companies that offer VOIP service in Canada;

click here



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